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When I say Apple Vacation..I booked this Vacation through (Going Places Inc) in Glen Burnie MD.A company operates through Apple Vacations.

The employee at the office asked If Jamaica was so bad why do I want to go back? If my health ever permits me to go back I would! I DON'T Blame Jamaica!

Jamaica didn't ruin my vacation people did!One bad Apple doesn't spoil the bunch for me!

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I been wanting to go to Jamaica for eight years.I have serious health issues and was told by doctors that it may not be a good idea!

Jamaica was and still is my dream! Apple Vacation Travel Agency picked Club Hotel Riu in Negril Jamaica. My partner and I were NEVER informed that Southwest airlines DOESN'T have assigned seating! So with a bad heart, and anxiety,....!

I couldn't sit next to my partner going to Jamaica!! THANK GOD, for Georgianna, my flight attendant going and coming!!!! She was my lifesaver! When my partner and I arrived in Jamaica, we WEREN'T told (due to our travel agency) to NOT exchange our currency to Jamaica currency!

When we arrived at our hotel (resort) we weren't even sure if we were at the right Riu hotel (resort) because there are two Riu near each other. The driver of the bus was very rude until my partner tipped the driver then he assured us we were at the correct one. Our room was located away from everything, top floor! I called the front desk to ask to be moved because of my health condition.

I was never moved, had to indure extra walking , and all them stairs, until we left on the eighth day! The food at the resort was pretty much the same every day, very salty! I had to complain to get hash browns which they did have but didn't serve everyday. I ask for eggs over easy and went thru...the chef was arguing with me.

The drinks were watered down and when I say water i mean H20! One of the females bartenders threatened to fight me because I said " I was going to post a review". And the head bartender snatched drinks out of our hands because the complaint was, it tastes like cough syrup! And another guest came and said the same thing.

Anyway, with that being said, it was no need to snatch a drink away from anyone. When we asked the staff any questions about activities etc. we were told to ask guests. The staff members are younger adults, mainly boys, and mainly interested in interacting with younger, single, females.

If you're a couple, good luck getting any HELP or entertainment! I went one night late to get a snack and the security guard allowed me to take my plate up to my room. He followed, telling me his room number and ask me to come with him. As i knock on my door he comes behind me..I'm glad my partner was right there!

Then he kept calling the room and my partner answered...We left late one morning for breakfast, as we were leaving the room, my partner left a tip for the house keeper. I forgot to close my bags and upon returning to the room my partner and I noticed that my belongings were put away and suitcase moved. I went to check my belongings and my white linen pants were missing! I went to ask the house keeper if she touch my things and she replied "YES".

I told her something was missing and her reply was " one pair of pants ". How did she know? ? So I went to complain to the management and they said they will have security search the room, then call the police, and have then search the room.

Really? ? Well, none of them things ever happened! And I don't have my belongings that I went with!

I was told by guest and staff members that the resort was having a beach party after dinner and that you dress in all white. So i wore my one piece bathing suit and my cover up. After my partner and I had fixed our plates we were told we had to leave the buffet! So we went to the patio section and we were told by staff that we couldn't be served our dinner drinks.

And we would have no service at all. Then immediately, security showed UP, told us to leave our plates on the table, and leave the area! I immediately, went to the front desk to complain. I told the management that I have health issues that limits my ability to walk back to the room just to change etc.

I was told by management that " there is a no bikini policy at dinner ". Well, I DIDN'T have on a bikini! I'm like show's a buffet! I was then told by management that the resort doesn't need our business because they're closing in October for renovations and to get out of his face!

Then escorted by security to our room and back to the buffet. By the time we returned dinner was put away and lights were off! So I took my medication on an empty stomach and at snack time hours later, I was too sick to go get basically, sugar! I complained to Apple Vacations Glen Burnie Maryland apon returning home and was told that my vacation was with" Southwest vacations " not "Apple Vacations ".

I was put on speaker by the representative without my knowledge. Which i find to be very unprofessional! And told that her one o'clock appointment was there. Then she passed me to another representative that works at the travel agency who also told me she heard the whole complaint (sure everyone in the office did also) and she also had someone in front of her and she would call me back!

Still no return business was more important to them before paying for my vacation!You live and learn!

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I am so very thankful that I don't have anyone in my life like you that I would have to travel with. Maybe when your doctor told you it wouldn't be a good idea for you to travel, he meant it for everyone else's benefit. You seem like a nightmare.

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