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Dear Apple Vacations Customer Service Representative

It is with regret that I find that I have to write to you and complain about my recent vacation. There were many issues that created stress for me and prevented me from fully relaxing and enjoying my vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will list the issues that I had to deal with:

1. I was told by my Agent -Tickets Confirmed that a representative would meet me at the departing airport (Chicago ORD) and tell me what hotel I was going to stay at. All I knew when I left home was that I was going to Montego Bay. There was no representative at the airport. I was forced to make several telephone calls to obtain information and had to leave voice mails since no-one was available at either Apple or Tickets Confirmed. I spent a lot of time making inquiries and searching for the Apple representative without success. I got on the plane to Dallas DFW (the first leg of my one stop flight) without knowing where I was supposed to be going. This lack of information was very unsettling.

2. On my arrival in Dallas DFW I repeated the exercise of looking for the Apple representative, again unsuccessfully. I was finally able contact an Apple representative by phone who informed me that I was going to Secrets St James. I was also informed that either Apple or my Agent from Tickets Confirmed should have contacted me with this information the day before my departure (despite the fact that the paperwork I was given at time of booking clearly said the I would be met at the departure airport and given this information). My agent Tickets Confirmed continue to state they they do not know where were supposed to be going .

3. I got on the plane and later arrived in Montego Bay at the Secrets St James resort. At the check in the reception advised that I should make contact with Michelle, the local Apple representative, who would let me know the arrangements and pick up time for the bus returning to the airport at the end of my vacation. Reception told me the Apple rep (Michelle Sterling) would be at the St James Main lobby at 10.30 a.m and I arrived at the Apple desk at the appointed time. Michelle did not arrive. I was waiting for her for a long time. Finally somebody pointed out that she was at the Orchid main Lobby. I told Michelle I was waiting for her a long time and I need information on my departure. I was told to come back to see her with my invitation, and she is not going to tell me the time of my departure at this moment. She had a very poor attitude and I decided not to deal with her any more so I asked front desk to contact Michelle and provide me with my departure time, Michelle replied that I must see her, and she did not give the front desk my departure time. I do not appreciate having appointments and schedules to meet during my vacation. This was very stressful, it felt like I spent half my first day visiting reception and chasing around after Michelle. This was not what I wanted to do on my vacation. All I wanted to know was the time and pick up point for the return bus on departure date. At this point I decided that I would use a local taxi to get back to the airport and this of course created another visit to reception to check on taxi availability, costs etc. – again wasting more of my time.

4. I had an air conditioning problem with my room. The thermostat would not lower the room temperature to an acceptable level. We called maintenance and their guy came and fixed the temperature problem but in so doing made an adjustment that caused the AC unit to vibrate and make a lot of noise. It was difficult to sleep with the noise.

5. The Resort offered to move me to a different room. I did not want to disrupt my vacation further by making a room change and then not know if the replacement room might have the same problems. I decided to stay put in a cool room but suffer the noise. I should not be faced with having to make trade- offs like this. The offered replacement room was on the fifth floor. We knew from friends on the fifth floor that they had no water pressure and were unable to shower for a couple of days so I felt my decision was correct to stay put. I should not have had to deal with all this on my vacation.

6. The room did not have a clock. I asked the staff 7.40 p.m and they said they would get one and bring it to me. Several hours later I was woken up at 11.30 pm with the delivery of the promised clock. I had difficulty getting back to sleep again, especially with the noise from the AC unit. I did not get the rest I needed and felt more tired the next day than I should have been on a relaxing vacation.

7. The room did not have sufficient towels, no shampoo or body wash. I had to ask to get the missing supplies and housekeeping delivered the following day. This is a six Apple resort, I did not expect to have to chase up the housekeeping staff.

8. I was most concerned that the restaurants kept all the doors and windows open, especially in this kind of climate, where the air conditioning in any gathering space needs to be effective. The restaurants had outdoor seating areas, which were obviously at ambient temperature. Indoors was insufferably hot for dining, especially for a stated dress code that requires long pants, collared shirts and no open toed shoes (i.e. no beach wear). The restaurants need to be properly air-conditioned. Dining was a pretty miserable experience with the doors and windows open.

9. On our departure day the Apple rep, Michelle called at 11.25 am to tell me my bus is waiting for us since 11.20 a.m. I reply I will be downstairs in 5-10 min, so she stormed to my room looking for my party to get on the bus. This is despite refusing to tell me earlier in the week what time the bus was leaving. As it happened my party was ready to go and we were already fixing to leave the room and get a local taxi. As the bus was already there we used it to get to the airport. Getting to the bus on time should not be matter of co-incidence – Michelle should have told me what time the bus was leaving. As we got on the bus Michelle advised us to check in at the airport as soon as possible .

10. I was very surprised at airport check in to find that we were on standby status. I would have never bought the vacation package if I knew I was on standby. I am a Doctor. I manage a medical practice and needed to get back to my office. My daughter, who was with my party, is also a Doctor and she needed to get back to Connecticut and had a flight from Chicago the following day. My daughter could not get a seat and had to stay overnight and fly the following day. My Daughter spent 4 hours at the airport, waiting for AA to deal with re routing her to her final destination. She had a problem leaving the airport since she had to go through immigration again. She did not get home until 11 p.m the next day. Whilst AA provided the appropriate inducements to my daughter this was nevertheless very stressful for all of us and hugely inconvenient.

11. After arriving in Chicago I contacted my Agent at Tickets Confirmed, she recommended I talk to the owner (Steve Zhelezniak) of the company immediately. I called him at 7 pm on Saturday. Steve picked up the phone and started talking to me. As soon as I mentioned that I am not happy with his company service he told me he was having dinner with his family, he is not working today and he will talk to me on Monday. I told him I am working on Monday and not able to contact him during business hours. He replied that he does not appreciate people who have negative comments about his business, he was unhappy I called him at 5 am on the day of my departure to find out where I can meet an Apple representative and he is not responsible for Apple, Secret s and AA services. He would not help me with my complaint.

Review about: Apple Vacations Vacation Package.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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I am a madam, Thank you for your comments lesson learn-do not relay on your travel agent.


Travel much? Who goes on a trip having no idea where they are staying?

Sounds like your lack of knowledge and preparation is what's to blame.

Seeing that you just had to bring up the fact that you are a doctor, I am fairly certain you are book smart but lacking common sense. Good day sir.


So far no answer :?


I found your letter here and have passed it on to our customer care team for further investigation. Please feel free to contact them directly as well at

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