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First of all I was extremely disappointed at the rating that Apple gave Dreams Porta Aventura 6 Golden Apples. This resort deserved a 3 at maximum. Problems started immediately.

 Upon check-in we inquired about a room upgrade (as the brochure indicated) and if we wanted to upgrade it would cost us. The Square Deal that we purchased promises an upgrade is a room is available.

 Our room only had a shower, no tub. The water was extremely cold and very unpleasant.

 The larger of the two pools was filled with children

 Both pools were extremely dirty. We complained twice before anyone looked at them.

 The filters were never running. We have a pool at home and it is required to run 10 hours per day. This pool should have been running all the time with the number of people that were using it.

 We left a note the first night requesting Modelo Beer and Lite Coke be restocked. The second night we left another request in Spanish and English.

o Then two in person requests were made at the front desk before our request was handled.

 This hotel should be advertised for children as all the activities were designed strickly for them.

o Clown circus

o Magician

o Kiddieland for kids

o Children Comedian

o And many more

 There were no activities for adults. How about a comedian for adults?

 The concierge was extremely rude. We sat down in a char and he completely ignored us.

 Comments in the "guest" book at the front desk regarding others stay specifically mention the dirty pool, all the children, and no activities for adults.

 "Free DVD Movies" were indicated, but they were specifically for children.

 Game area: There was no possibility of playing a game of billiards or other games as they were overrun with children. The parents were nowhere in sight and did not watch their behavior at all.

 The World Café was by far the best place to eat.

 What's the deal? The staff did not even know what Asti Spumoni or sparkling wine was.

 Also, there were no share privileges as in other resorts. For instance, a Palace resort guest can utilize other resorts.

This hotel should not even be listed in the Preferred Hotel & Resorts Book. After the second day at Dreams we requested to change our hotel to do the dirty pool, all the children, rude employees, and no adult activities.

The Apple Representative said to check back later and he would check on it.

 We got the same story the next day.

 The third day we sat in the representative's office for two hours trying to get an answer.

Apple Vacations Square Deal states that we can change hotels but there may be a charge. We just wanted pleasant facilities and to enjoy our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

I ended up calling my Apple Vacation representative in South Lyon, Michigan. She got some action and we finally received an answer. It was $100 per day extra to change. We wanted to do it right away. After waiting in the Apple office for hours we were told it was after 12:30P.M. and Apple would charge us for an additional day. We contacted the hotel manager to see if he would waive the extra charge and he said that wasn't a problem, but it was up to Apple.

The agent said to Apple that he told us it would be $150 per day. That was an outright lie ad we were never told any dollar amount by the Representative. Our travel agent Vicki from Phillips travel in South Lyon, Michigan was terrific. We only got some action after contacting her, and we also got a $50 charge on our cell phone for all the calls back and forth in order to get things straightened out.

This whole experience was an extremely trying way in which to have a vacation. So much time was put into trying to get the Apple Representative to do his job and the hotels responses were downright rude.

On our last full day we left early for The Advernture Palace. Now this is a 6 apple resort! The pool as great, there was hot water and the pool was clean. Considering that this was a "6 apple" rating I will not be utilizing Apple Vacations for any further vacations.

Another thing that was of extreme concern was that on Spirit Airlines the door to the pilot was wide open. Anyone could have walked into it and hijacked the plane. I thought the door to the pilot's area was supposed to be locked! By the way it was open the whole time both to and from Cancun.

I noticed that this facility still has the same rating. I tried to add a comment under the comments for the hotel, but there was no way to add a comment.

Don't worry we have told everyone that we know of the awful experience we had at Dreams Porta Aventura Spa and Resort as well as the problems we had with the Apple Representative.

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Always check out the ratings on they have honest ratings by real people. Also, I'd suggest posting on applevacations' facebook page. There are a ton of people who are "friends" with them and it's a great place to let other consumers know about your problems!!!

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