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This has been the worst experience. Not only did they not give us a heads up regarding the Hurricane headed to our destination, when we tried to rebook using our travel insurance they would only provide us with current pricing which was excessive due to the booking within two weeks.

Customer service is rude and they are not available in the evening when this stuff comes up. We were told to call back on Monday and missed several cheaper options.

They said we made a bad choice cancelling our trip for a Tropical Storm, however it had been categorized as a Hurricane the night we were to leave. They are rude and I will never use them again.

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Naples, Florida, United States #614502

And tropical storms can peter out. There was a tropical storm in the gulf when we went to Mexico. We stayed 5 days and had a great time.

Fare pricing has nothing to do with whether you are paying using a trip insurance. Trip insurance only gives your money back you already spent. It does not say you get the same price again.l

Did the hurricane hit?

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