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I recently paid $2500 for a 6 square apple vacation deal in Puerto Vallarta. The hotel they put us at was rated a 6 golden apple.

Having been on many apple vacations I would of rated this hotel at best a 4 red apple. After complaining I received a lousy $75 per person to use in one year. I feel they should of gave me much more for the poor service we got and they should make the certificate restriction longer than a year. Some people can't afford to go every year.

This was also a preferred hotel (which means it was a time share hotel) do I need to say more?.. They didn't leave us alone for the first 3 days. The food was adequate, beach sucked. The hotel was at least 30 years old and run down.

The new part which was for the preferred quests was a little newer. One pool was empty the entire week because it was freezing and too much garbage in it. There evening shows were poor. The held them on the pool patio, so by 5:00 p.m they where herding you out of the pool.

Sorry some people like to stay in the pool past 5 p.m. Also the hotel basically closed up by 10:00 p.m., nothing to do after 10.

Don't go to Dream's on the south end of Bay. Just so you know this was my 6 time to Puerto I know my hotels.

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San Diego, California, United States #771158

We have been to dreams puerto Vallarta 3 times and LOVED IT!!! Just booked our 2nd 6 square deal with apple and are hoping to stay at Dreams.

Yes the hotel is slightly old, but the service is amazing and the food is pretty good for an all inclusive, they even have ala carte for breakfast and the seafood restaurant is my favorite!

I've been all over Mexico at least 20 times and Dreams is one of my favorites! :grin

to JB #771223

You obviously don't know what a 6 golden apple mean, it means luxurious and this hotel was anything was at most a 4 red apple which is a New motel 6 at most.


wow, thats good to know. Iwas going to book an apple saver because of the price. This is a big help!!


I've always been disappointed in Apple Vacations -- their reviews are relative, relative to whom, I'm not sure. A 6 golden apple is supposed to be "luxurious" -- really, I'm not a snob but I've stayed at 6 golden apples and give me and I'd take a Courtyard Marriott over any of them any day -- even a Residence Inn is better.

The Square Deal is anything but a deal. . .it's a roll of the dice literally [I've heard one good story].

I have filled out the rating card -- again, until there's a significant drop in business, they don't care. I dislike Apple Vacations and put zero confidence in their rating system.


Always read reviews before spending alot of money. No company is going to say they have bad products/hotels (its bad business). I always research my trips before I book, as I know companies/Apple is a business as any other!


Did you the passengers rate the hotels....If you did not like it...FILL OUT THE "RATING CARD" on the way home!


Figures doesn't it!


Did you know Apple and Dreams are owned by the same people? I just returned from a 5 Apple Square Deal in Punta Cana...never again.

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