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My husband and I just got married at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Resorts in Jamaica, we had a large group of 52 guests that attended my wedding on May 5, 2012. I contacted Dreams Unlimited, LLC in Roselle, which is an Apple Agent who represented themselves as a company that can manage large groups and wedding parties. We actually mailed this "Apple" Representatives business cards with our wedding invitations explaining that if we did this wedding as a large group we would be better accomodated. We ended up having thirty nine guests book with Apple Vacation. We would have had more but due to this Apple agent not returning phone calls soon enough (4 days to a week later), and emailing the wrong guests other guests personal information such as credit card numbers. But to make matters worse our guests were told on their Apple paperwork that they had until March 5th to pay their final amount but were soon getting calls stating that if they did not pay their final payment by the 2nd their reservations would be cancelled that day and our guests were extremely upset. Then two of our guests were charged double the cost of their trip and it took her over twenty days to get their money back from Apple with no apologizes. Our guests were pretty turned off with Apple before we even got on the vacation. Word of mouth is everything and words spreads fast. My husband and I learned this very quickly. I had several issues with the "wedding planner/travel agent" and it would take me forever to list them all. I do not believe that Apple Vacations is fully at fault; but I do believe that Apple Vacations name should not be attached to a company that makes several promises and sells certain services that are not honored nor is their words kept. I work as a Contract Buyer for United/Continental and I know what an airplane's business means to them. And I am sorry to say that Apple Vacation has left my guests upset which in turn makes us upset. My sister kept finding offers that Apple had been offering and not our Apple agent. We had to request this information from our rep; example- Apple was offering perks plus on Frontier Airlines. Note: The agent had all our guests email, addresses and phone numbers that we personally gave her. Several of guests ended up purchasing the perks plus deal for the the flight but to make matters worse when we got to the airport the perks plus were given to the wrong people because that were listed in the system under the wrong names, including my husband and I. We paid and my cousin got our perk plus. It was never fixed. When we got on the plane I was told my wedding dress would be hung in the front of the plane. We called Frontier days before and we were told by Frontier that it was first come, first serve so we would need to get to check in early. We were three hours early and I was told that my dress would be hung in the front of the plane but when we got on the plane they stuffed my $2,000 dress on top of luggage in a space that was no more then two inches wide, which ruined some of my beading. Thank God my mother sews..They said it was a full flight and I understood. What I did not understand was, when my father is leaving the plane the flight attendant opened a very small closet to get her sweater out and it was empty. He thought what horrible customer service and why wouldn't the Apple Agent booking so many people on that direct flight help us take care of my dress.. There were so many errors with our Apple Agent in regards to our wedding that we were told an Apple Agent would be down at the resorts to help me with the wedding planning issues and everything would be taken care of at our hospitality desk. But we arrive at the resort and they were two young girls sitting at our Apple Vacations desk. We soon find out they are both the daughters of our Apple Vacation Agent and they did not assist us in anyway. My husband's younger brother graduated from high school with them recently. I asked them, are you Apple Reps or our you our agents children? And they proceeded to tell me they are her children. We ended up going to the hotel to book four excursions for our guests because our Apple Reps were not around; 20 guests to Dunns Rivers Falls, 52 guests to Margarittaville, 15 guests to the White House and 10 guests to the plantation tour. These were from the hotels Apple Vacation Rep - but I have to say at that point no one wanted to book with Apple but we had no choice. When we talked to other guests at that hotel and saw what they got for booking a group of under twenty and how we got absolutely nothing. Such as a free bonfire on the beach; beach bags/welcome bags from there travel agents, bottle of rum to take home in their rooms from their agent.. We had to bring four extra suitcases to make our own welcome bags. We were supposed to have a room block, we didn't. Everyone was everywhere. And we booked a year in advance as well as doing the best price guarantee. Several of our guests that booked through Apple was given the wrong rooms. It was horrible. It was so bad that my guests were trying to call our travel Rep, never got a call back. My husband and I had booked oceanview, we did not have it and the "Apple Vacations Rep" that were supposed to be there to assist, were no where to be found. My sister found them drunk in the pool and I said just forget it. It was horrible. We never got an oceanfront room, we waited without a room until 5 pm when we got there at 12 and we finally said forget it. We were the last guests to get a room. By this time I was crying and not for me but because I had advised them to book through this Apple Rep and my guests we so unhappy. So we had to go in my little sisters room to take pictures of my wedding on their balcony. I am one hundred percent guaranteed that most of my guests will be comtacting Apple with complaints after being given that survey from Apple Vacation on the way home. I was also told that usually that couple getting married flies down for a weekend prior to the wedding to sit down and complete all the planning face to face. We were never offered that but our Apple Agent went,That I do know.. And at our wedding, my husband and I were running around the first two days because nothing was booked like our rehearsal dinner, our flowers, etc. Which was supposed to be done by the words of our travel agent. I have two girlfriends that got married and had their weddings done through Apple Vacations and were fully taken care of and that is why we choose to have a destination wedding. I am exteremly sadden by what lack of professionalism we received and there was absolutely no attention to detail. My other guests that did not book with Apple, they used Funjet Vacations had no issues, they got a bottle of rum to take home. Welcome bags from their agent and they agent made their first two night dinner reservations. I am the type of person that would not complain and I try to see the best in things and I got married and I am exteremly blessed. I have since moved past the upsetting moments. But I recently got a letter from my Agent stating that if we book our honeymoon through her she would like to give us $500 off and a guarantee that this time it would be painless. To me that is just such a huge slap in the face. Unbelieveable. We are booking a honeymoon for seven days to Turk and Caicos and unfortunately it will not be with Apple. And I was also told due to our lrage wedding group my Apple Representative won a free trip for such High Sales; I am not impressed and if that is true, it was undeserved. If you want a letter from each individual guests with there own personal issues with our Apple Rep and the letter I received from her. I can supply them.

We are a family that travels to resorts and take several trips a year and this was a horrible experience for us.

Daneille Planz

Business Development Manager



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