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We went to an all inclusive in Playa Del Carmen in March 2014. We booked a fishing charter with the Apple Vacations representative, just as we were instructed to by our greeter at the airport in Cancun.

However the charter boat, that we paid $550 for 3 guys for 4 hours, the exhaust fumes from the engine were unbelieveble, something was wrong with that boat. After less than an hour we told the captain to take us back, that we were ill from the fumes. I told the Apple Rep at the resort the very next day and requested a partial refund. She was in agreement but had to speak to her supervisor, and so the run around began.

Months later, and emails to them once a week and only with the help of our travel agent did we get any refund at all. It was alot of run around for the 10% refund they sent us, what a joke! We never even got to fish! They also offered us $100 certificates for our next Apple vacation, FAT CHANCE!

So be warned, Apple does not look after you if you have a poor experience, they stall and say that they are in contact with the company they use for excursions. NEVER EVER AGAIN will Apple Vacations get a dime from me or my fellow travelers.

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